Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am 26 today........

20 years ago.
That's what I told my friends and my students when they asked me how old I am today.

My 'SS' Group
My 'daughter' Kin @ Ann started wishing me b/day, she 'salam', kissed and hugged me. Then followed by Zai, Sal, Anis, Jojo and Zu. Then a lot more teachers wished me happy b/day. Thanks all of you because you are like my second family. Luv u very much.

Me and the SS Group

NSO was hugging me.

Upper Six Gigih
When I passed by the class, then QPT came out from the class and wshed me b/day outloud. Then Thahranya(mind the spelling) and Tripura came to wish me as well. Then Shanti wished me aso. Sorry forgot to mention that Ah Boon also wished me happy b/day also.

Upper Six Azam
Davin wished me 'Good morning and Happy Birthday Pn Rabiah' when I entered their class.
I was really suprise they remembered my b/day. Then they sang Happy b/day song to me twice. I was really touched.

Upper Six Yakin
When somebody(forgot who already) asked me, why I dressed up. I replied because it was my b/day. Then they wished happy b/day and sang b/day songs to me in three languages. Wen Yeng(I think) came up with a candle, while Sherlyn supplied the lighter. The lighted the candle and sang again. They asked me to make a wish and blew the candle. Thanks u guys, I don't know what to say.

They made me hold the candle while 'guess who' facing back.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bowling, Ohh....... Bowling

Got a message from NSO, invited me to join bowling Clinic in Klang Parade.
So I went with Nadia(my daughter).
The technique looked quite easy, but I think it is too late for me to learn new things.
Well, I tried really hard, but everytime I did, the ball went down the gutter.
I did better using my own style.
I looked at other people playing, it looked so easy.
But I am not giving up.


I have to take picture of the level where I parked my car(afraid I cannot find the car later)

Today, I went to Sunway Pyramid with Nadia and Nor(my niece) to practice some more. I wanted to go to Plaza Alam Central, in Shah Alam, but there was some event going on there because all parking were full.

In Sunway Pyramid, there were a group of people was practicing the game. They looked like Malaysian team since they wore uniform t-shirt with'Malaysia' written at the back. I have a long way to go if I want to be like them. Sound Impossible too. Every time they threw a ball, they got a strike.

My final score(mine is B for Biah)

So, at Megalanes, each of us played 2 games only. By the time we finished, my leg(lft side) was really hurt. My body also ache. I think my muscle was suprise with me playing bowling 2 days in a roll. But I think I have improved a bit. I have to practice some more before the tournament. I don't think I will win, but if I loose, I want to loose in style. I have two more weeks to prepare for the game.

We became SSS posing infront of the lift.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bye Bye Nazrin..........

Good bye abang(what the family call him). After I hugged and kissed him, I can't believe that I cried. And I hugged him again. The rest of the family was cool aje.
Well, of course, since I don't know when I am going to see him again. Of course I cannot see him every week since Penang and Shah Alam are too far.
He looked cool aje, but I know he was touched when he saw me crying. Even one lady behind me cried again when she saw me crying.
I cannot help myself, since he is not feeling well. Since yesterday, he was sick, he got fever and he didn't have the apetite, and vomitted. But before I left him, he looked much better. I know he is strong, so I shouldn't feel so bad.(Just pujuk myself)

Naqib, sleeps with style in the car on the way to Penang

Last nite we spend the night at Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort. My husband wanted to come back and spend another day there after sending him, but I am really not in the mood. We just went to visit the shops there. For me, what I saw did not interest me at all.

A sign board at Lake Town

Nadia and Nazmi posing in Lake Town

Nazrin posing in Lake Town(infront of the condo where we stay)

On the way back, I drove half way. The first time I went over 155km/h. Wow......... I cannot express how I feel. Suprise with myself, maybe. But I had to reduce the speed as the rain was very heavy. Really anticimax since I had to go like 60-80 only. But we reached home about 4 hours only from Penang.(If not of the rain, we woulh have arrived home sooner)

Nazrin filled in the forms in his room

Nadia, Nazmi n Naqib on the bed in Nazrin's room

The last look of Nazrin b4 we left him.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When I lost my Voice In U6Azam

Because of my own carelessness(last night I ate a lot of mango), I lost my voice.

When I entered U6 Setia the first two period, I forced myself to teach, but my voice was so husky already.

By the time I entered U6 Azam, my voice kind of totally gone. So, how a teacher wanted to do her job, with no voice. I felt very guilty if I didn't teach at all. So I wrote some questions on the white board and asked them to answer.

Then I gave the answers later. But I got a lot of distractions from the girls in the class.

Some maths jokes I wrote on the white board to get their attention

Look at Siro, playing with papaya leaves.

She distracted other students with the leaf. Where was Davin(the president)? Outside the class talking to his exclassmate.

She reminded me of Naqib(my youngest son-7 year old), playing with the toy, showing off to Steph and Huan Wan(ignore the wrong spelling)

Siro posed as papaya leves snather

Jia Huoy showed me how the coconut tree leaves move

Hui Shi showed me some kind of dance(forgot what...)

Hui Shi showed me one of the many ways to do pumping(Exercise b4 going to Sarawak, I guess)

After everything they did, I wrote on the board, "It is not fair. U guys made a lot of jokes, but I cannot laugh. " It was because everytime I tried to laugh, my cough was getting worse.

After taking a cough drop, I managed to teach U6Yakin. And for the first time everyone in U6Yakin paid attention to me and they were quite. I know they pitied me because I was not feeling well.

Lets hope tomorrow I am much better. I have the cough for more than 2 weeks already.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mr A. R. Peter

Yesterday(20 Jun 2009), we got our 6th LADAP(Latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan). There were three slots. The first one about effective teaching. I miss this one since I was helping Amu with printing ULBS. There was a little problem with the program because it failed to print. We called a few people to help us with that, but to no avail.

Amu went back to her house to take the external drive A since the new computer does not have one. We export all the data into a ploppy disc, then run the program in another computer. Thank God we managed to print. By the time we printed everything, the other teachers went out from the hall to have a break. So we miss the first talk. I ask around, some teachers commented that we didn't miss much eventhough we were not there.

The second talk was given by our former principal Mr A R Peter. I would rate the talk '9'(in the scale from 1 to 10-leave 1 more for perfection). It was a very interesting talk and the topic is about being an Effective Teacher. I think I benefited so much from his talk. Eventhough he used the old fashion method of presentation(he used OHP instead of LCD projector) I found everything he had to say beneficial. He is very experienced man, he mixed his talk with some jokes(some of the jokes I read already, but they sound eve funnier when you share the jokes with a lot of people). I laughed alot. I didn't notice that time flew so fast because when he concluded his talk, it was like after 1 pm already. I wouldn't mind if the man wanted to continue his talk some more. I also like to hear the way he talked. His English was perfect. Before he started his talk, he made this comment, he gave the talk in English because he knows that the teachers' English is better than his BM. He got the point there.

One of the jokes that I still rememeber:

A Malay taxi driver was driving a taxi in KL. One night a beatiful lady got a ride from him. The lady sat in the front. The lady wanted to have a tour in KL. So the man took her and they got to be very friendly. Even the man got to kiss her. When the night ended, the taxi driver confessed; "Saya minta maaf sbb tak berterus terang, sebenarnya saya dah kahwin." The lady replied," Saya juga minta maaf sbb tak berterus terang, nama saya yang sebenarnya Salleh, bukan Sally." Hahaha........ I really had a good laugh after listening to the joke.

Besides jokes, I still remember some of the ingredients he gave us on how to be a good teacher.

  • Undersatand the students, get to know them and their background

  • No matter how bad the kids are, we must trust there are always some good in them, so try to dig the good in each student.

  • Treat them with equality regardless of their background.
  • Not to judge the students too harshly

  • Not to punish them in the moment of anger.
  • Make the class lively by giving some jokes also.

  • Ask the students to decide what type of punishment they deserve
  • Teachers must know their stuff

Well, there are a lot more, but I think I don't need to list all of them. I wish I know this man before since I know I could learn alot from him.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I would like to wish all fathers out there, happy fathers' day.

To all my students, don't forget to wish your fathers, fathers' day. Be happy that you still have a father(since mine is no longer here). No need to buy expensive gifts, the thought is count. Learn to understand your fathers

To my husband, thank you for being a good father to our children.
What's my(our) plan?
Tomorrow, the whole family is going to visit Mayah in SESERI. Everybody is going including Nazrin(I ask him to come along since he will be leaving for Penang next week). I plan to buy Nasi Beriani for lunch since Mayah missed eating nasi beriani when we celebrated Nazmi's b/day. (X sempat nak cook, if they want to eat my cooking, wait for school holiday then)We are going to celebrate father's day in her school. We(Nadia and Me) already bought a cake for my husband. Lets pray that tomorrow will be a nice day.
Enjoy your day...

Second Semester 2009 and back in 1983

Second semester has begun. One week already past.
For upper six students(all my students), serious study should start now.
So, what's new in the new semester:
New canteen
I dont't want to comment too much. But I think it still need a lot of improvement.

Finishing the syllabus with upper six.
I still have 2 more topics to do.(some class have less, some got a bit more)
Do some serious drilling
Hoping some of them will change their attitude.(Since sme thinks like they can really relax when the first term examination over.
Exercise Online

I will upload new exercise online from time to time. The answers? Depends on my mood. But I 'll try to upload the answer as soon as possible.
Here are some picture I want to share with U guys back in 1983(When I got my associate degree)-Got nothing to do with second semester, just imagine u guys recieving your degree later.

Me on the stage

Me and the guys

Me and my boyfriend(Now my husband)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bye Mayah...........

School holiday is finally over.

Proof: I am missing Mayah already. (I almost called her for dinner just now)

Just sent her back this afternoon. Eventhough she said she didn't want to go back to the hostel, she asked me to send her quite early today (about 2.30 pm, usually I sent her about 5pm). She said she didn't want to be cought in the jam.

I said to Along, Mayah is actually 'benci tapi rindu' of her school.

After what happenned before the school holiday(she wasn't choosen to be the school prefect etc), I think she kind of feeling down. But I know my daughter is strong. She will make the best of everything. Everything happenned must be for the reason.(That's what I told her). At least she can concentrate more on her academic in the 2nd term.

As for me, after sleeping almost 6 hours(after taking my medication) in the morning, I woke up with feeling disoriented. I had to get up, shower, lunch and send Mayah to the hostel(since my husband still not back from playing golf).

Good thing I force myself to get up, because now I am feeling much better. Ready to go back to school tomorrow. Don't worry about me missing school tomorrow.

For those who read my post, or vist my blog, what do you think of my new banner and background. Don't u think they are nice? Thanks Along for helping me with those.

For my students, get ready to get back ur exam paper this week. Learn from ur mistakes. No matter how bad you get, this is not the end of the world. You still got time to correct your mistakes. Don't treat this as a failure, just one step in order to get a better result.
See you in school.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hi, I am back from my home town already. Nothing much changed in Kuala Terengganu after one year. I had a nice visit with my brothers and sister(I have 2 brothers and 1 sister). We made record time when we reached Kuala Terengganu in 5 hours. It was a smooth journey, wasn't tiring at all. My sister prepared uslunch(we had lunch about 3.30 pm). Well I really enjoying the meal and so did my family. Forgot to take picture of the dishes served.

Second day(Tuesday), when I woke up, my head was heavy, my throat sored, and I felt very weak. Well, I cought a fever. rested one whole day. What a way to spend the day in the kampung. After I went to see a doctor, I felt a little bit better.

Eventhough still feeling weak, I forced myself to go shopping the third day(Wednesday). Managed to buy a few things, but I was too tired to shop very long. The weather in KT was terribly hot. On the 4th day(Thursday), we left KT quite early because my husband got a meeting in the HQ in the afternoon. We reached SA about 2.00 pm.

What a dull holiday for me. But I got to buy 3 pieces of batik silk for baju kurung for myself. Kira ok jugak tu because I got to meet my siblings. The kids(Nadia and Naqib) were under the weather also.

At the moment, I am still a bit warm, don't worry, I took the medication already.

That's how I spent my second week of the school holidays.

P/s: Dav, be patient as I will post the third set of questions soon.
See you guys next week.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

1 Down, 1 To Go

It has been quite sometime since I wrote about me in my blog.
Today, sitting alone in my room(my husband is outstationed), I have alot of things in my mind. And don't know which one to write first. I better make this in point form.
  1. It has been one week holiday already. I managed to post 2 sets of questions and answers in my blog. I'll be posting the third set soon.
  2. I went to school a few times(mon, tues, fri), trying to clean my place, but got very little done(sidetracked). Kel, thanks for lending me your ears.
  3. Thursday I went to Putrajaya to meet my highschool classmate. It has been a few years since I saw her. I got lost on my way to Alamanda, luckily I have a GPS in my handphone to navigate me. We talked about the past and about the our classmates. Rasa macam we were young again. I went back about 3.30pm(I got there about 11.30 am).
  4. Today, 9.00 am I went swimming with my kids. Then took Nazmi and Naqib for a hair cut. After sending them home, we(me and my two daughters) went to Giant in Shah Alam to buy some provisions. We had lunch there, went shopping and reached home around 3.30 pm. Then my daughter, Mayah showed me how to sign up for Scribd and flickr. So instead of me posting the questions here in my blog, you can access the files through the links in my blog. After dinner, about 8.00 pm, we ( Me, Nadia,Mayah n Nazrin) went for a game of bowling. It has been a long time since I last palyed, but I managed to make a few strikes. Still I didn't win the game. Nazrin became the winner, I got second place. We had fun. After the game, we went for supper in a 'kopitiam'. I had a drink only. I came home and writing this post. It has been a super busy day.
  5. Then tomorrow, I plan to do some cleaning since Monday morning we plan to go back to my hometown in Terengganu. Eventhough my parents aren't there anymore, my sister and brothers are still there. I plan to do some serious shopping (batik and silk) in Terengganu. I miss the local cuisine too. Usually my husband and I will go hunting for food. I even ask my sister inlaw to cook 'nasi dagang'(Terengganu favorite dish) for us. My kids love this dish. We also plan to take the kids to the beach. Maybe a picnic or BBQ with my sister and brothers' family.
  6. After coming back from the holidays, everything will be rutin again. Prepare to send Mayah back to the hostel, going back to school, get prepare to do more school work. Luckily I finish marking the mid term exam paper. I am hoping the STPM result will improve this year since we have more candidates now compared to last year. I am hoping they won't give up on me. I made a promise to myself that I'll try my best to help anybody who need my help.

I am going to stop now. My post has been too long already. I just don't want anybody to fall asleep like I always do in the class. Happy Holidays(1 week left)


There were three pigs living in an island. After they finish up all the food on the island, they wanted to move on to a different one. But there were alot of sharks in the sea. The sharks liked to eat the pig's 'telur'. The first pig tried to swim to that island, but the 'telur' was eaten by the sharks. The first pig died. Then the same thing happenned to the second pig. But the third pig managed to get to the island. How????

P/s: Kel and Perry please don't answer this.

Answer to set No 2

Monday, June 1, 2009

Expalnation to Q1

After simplifying the inequality into a single fraction, we got it less than 0.

For the whole thing to be positive, we can consider cases like numerator positive, denominator negative, or wise versa. To avoid confusion, we just consider numerator and denominator positive first. The range we got for numerator and denominator are positive cases. But when we draw number line, the bold line represent positive, w/out line represent negative. So we choose the range with numerator and denominator having different signs.
If you still don't understand, I'll explain later in the class.