Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Answer to the First set

Try to check your answer with the answer given here. If u don't understand, u can always ask me. I know there are only three questions, but it is better than nothing, right?

First Exercise Online

Try doing these questions within 3 days. I will post the answer and the new set of questions then.

The questions I post here are based on the past year quetions format. Everyone must try them. If ur friends don't have internet, please pass the question to them.

Friday, May 29, 2009


16 Mei is the official date for teacher's day. So when the school celebrated the memorial day about 2 weeks late, I kind of lost the mood to celebrate. Whatever the commitee planned to do, I refused to joint. One of my bad habits.

U6A having the teacher's day celebration one day ealier than the school.

They followed me to U6G(I look really short compared to Alexis and Kelvin)

Just bergambar with U6S girls

It was not a good start for me. I reached school about 9 am. (Because I had to go to my children school to sign report card). When I passed by the walk away, I saw a few afternoon students sitting on the bench. When I asked them, why they didn't joint the celebration, they told me that they were denied entry just because they did not wear shoes. I really feel bad about that since the kids came to school to joint the celebration and were denied. For me it is not a big deal. I think the more the merrier. (I was not happy about some classes being off today too). Imagine for F5 students, this might be their last teacher's day celebration. And they will have the memory for not allowing them to come today forever. I am just imagine if one of the kids is my own son. I would feel very bad if my son is not allow to come to school just because he happened to be in the last three classes.

I went to joint the crowd to watch the shows. I didn't get to watch much since it was already late. I didn't feel like talking to anybody, so I took a chair and sat away from the crowd.

Some of the students watching the show (U can see the small numbers of them and some tried to find some shade)

My mood picked up when some students came and wished me Happy Teachers day. After that I could feel the heat already. I started talking to other teachers. It is not the present that I really want, but the wish from u guys. But I appreciate the presents and the cards(especially from U6Y and U6A) with everybody signature on them. I will them cherish the most.

When someone told me she put my name to play netball against the students, I was really piss off. She did't tell me earlier. I didn't bring any gym attire to play. But after thinking it over, if I feel bad, why I had to make other people feel the same? I accepted the challange and I played with my 'baju kurung'. I really enjoyed myself. It brought back many memories. I found out I can still play the game (after 28 years not palying netball), I can still jump(not as high la), and I can still intercept the ball. Happy to say, we lead 3-0 in the first half of the game.(We lost to the girls team because different group of teachers played in the 2nd half).

After the game, we had a nice lunch.

Teachers had lunch in the hall.

The food served 4 teachers

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Midterm 2009 marking scheme

p/s : to view the REAL SIZED image, CLICK ONCE on the image okay??

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just Do It

Finally it's over. What I mean is about Maths 1 exam. My first time teaching all upper six classes. I feel that I am responsible for their result. I haven't started marking yet. Actually I am quite scare to start. Scare that I fail them. There are still a big number of them think that maths is very hard and afraid to try.

Someone asked me(someone very dear to me) 'why we need to learn Maths?'. When we are going to us them in life?, like differentiation, integration, and so on. A million dollar question. That is a very tough question. Tougher than answering the maths exam. I don't want to give the wrong answer. The truth is, personally I don't have the exact answer to the question. But analytically, I gave the answer in terms of moral values:

1. Maths will make u a very patient person, patient will lead u to find the answer(right or wrong is subjective);

2. It will teach you how to plan a strategy;

3. U will be a resoucefull person since in maths u will use all the formulas and axioms;

4. In life u will work had to get what u want(similar with math, u work hard to get the anwer);

5. U make mistakes in solving maths problems, well u'll make mistakes also in life, but life will go on. That is not the end of the world. You will get up and continue with what u do, and try to avoid doing the same mistake;

6. If u 're really like maths, then maybe after u finish school, or college u'll become a maths teacher like me;

7. Some topics in maths will become usefull in some field(like engineering, statistics, bankers, etc);

8. It also teach u to be brave enough to make decisions;

9. I learn maths just because I love it (I don't know how many people share the same feeling);

10. U learn maths because it is required by the system. U can't run away from them. Otherwise u won't get ur stpm certificate.

Try to make the best of what u have now. Enjoy ur students life because once u leave school, u won't have this kind of experience again.

Don't hesitate to do what u want.

Don't want u to regret later.

But whatever u do, do with care because u don't want to regret later.
(p/s-all 10 items above are my own ideas)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Besday Nazmi

After the games

newspaper dance

Fight for the goodies

Musical chair The food

More food

The croud

The cake

The besday boy

Malacca Trip

Hello, I am back from Malacca already. Didn't bring my lap top there, so cannot go on line.
Here are some pictures I took while I was there.

A Ghazal show while we were having dinner last night. Now ghazal is quite versatile. That lady can sing english songs and 'lagu' hindustan. Nice voice, considering she is sitting down. Cannot stay long to watch the show since the meeting started at 8 pm. Dinner was nice. A lot of spread.

Eventhough my room was very small, the view from my room was nice. The Hotel got a nice swimming pool. X sempat try, bcos time was limited and I didn't bring my swiming attire.

Another nice view from the balcony of my apartment. The building and that piece of land is called Pulau Melaka. All the land there is 'tanah tambak'. Last time everything was laut.

Everything looked different in Malacca since the last time I was there(12+ years ago). The roads r bigger, Bandar Hilir also getting bigger. But sayang, I had to rush back home. Didn't have the chance to go sight seeing. Well maybe next time. I miss the old days when I was teaching in Malacca. I ll go and visit Malacca next time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am just amazed at what technology brought us. Everything is easily accessible. I still remember whe I was a student(in the 80's), there were no internets, no h/phones, only fixed line phones. When I was in the states, having a phone in the house considered as blessed already. Look at what u 've now. Almost everybody has one or more mobile phones. Plus the note books and internet etc. So everything becomes very closed.

I hope u understand what I am trying to say so far. That' s why I created my own blog(w/help of my daughter, Nadia, and my son, Nazrin). I feel that I can communicate much better this way. My students, if u 've anything to say, feel free to do so. Good or bad, I ll accept with open heart.

I sound so serious here.

Good luck in maths 2 tomorrow. C U guys on Monday.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gelagat U6Y(Bila cikgu X ajar)

Look at the pictures I took during Maths lesson today I managed to take picture of Kar Yan legs only
William tried to cover his face and succeeded
Hong Jie and Alwin yg sporting

my Students

I pomise my U6Y to write about them. I wanted to post their pictures here. But when I tried to snap them a few covered their faces(Shirlyn, Wei Loong, Kar Yan, and so on). Many of them didn't turn up today. Well, I won't be posting their picture here.

The truth, I felt useless 2day since all of them wanted 2 study chem. I prepared some questions for revision. Tomorrow paper is Chem paper. I ll drill them later. I cannot follow them. Must force them to study because I promised myself Maths 1 result will be better than last year one.

If anyone of u read my post, get ready to be drilled, once we finish the syllabus.
Talking like teacher. Mmg, Iam a teacher, Always thinking about the best for u guys.

Good luck in ur mid term examinations. Please do well especially for my aths1.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not OK Day

I am just opened my blog. Actually, dont know what to write. But I feel everything I did today was wrong. I ll expalain more about that later. JUst hoping everything will pick up later.

I am support to visit my daughter(Mayah) in SESERI. Sha gave me list of things to bring with me(16 items). Alot I couldnt fulfill. But the most important was, I forgot to bring her laundry. She needs to wear the shirt tomorrow.
When I got to her place, she asked me to teach her add maths, I could't teach, felt a little bit stress. But I managed to go over with her 3 questions.

Then I got home, felt sick, and now...
I am quite ok now.