Monday, April 19, 2010


Hi all.

It has been a long time since I wrote anything here. So sorry for letting my blog untouched(dead).

It has been alot of things happenned in the past 2 months.

I have upload some pictures here to share with you all.


During school holidays in Mac, I went to Beijing with my daughter Mayah and my friend NSO(she brought her 2 kids along)

We had a good time sight seeing and shopping.

Visiting Great Wall of Cina

Visiting Forbidden City(We were suprised with the snow fall on our first day there)

I don't now why people hanged so many pet locks on the chain on the great Wall.

In the earlier program, the MSSD handball supposed to be held in Jun. But I got a called saying that they got fund for MSSS game. I was suppose to send some students for selection. Then 3 of my school students got selected to represent distric team. And I was appointed to be the manager for the girls' team.

Briefing before the game started.

Prize giving ceremony(We got 3rd place)

3RD EVENT(17 APR 2010)
The third event is ACS Hari Kecemerlangan 2009. This year I was given a new task. I am in the invitation comittee. But at the same time I was busy with attending central training for Handball district team. When the game ended and I came back to school, I started doing the follow up to verify if they are coming for the prize giving ceremony.

During the cermony, I managed to take the picture of Zureen Sophia(JJ's daughter)

4TH EVENT(19 APR 2010)
Nothing special happen today. This picture was taken on our back from the canteen. I guess this is considered one of the event since we hardly eat in the cateen anymore. Most of the time, I brought food from home. The fod in the canteen is still need much improvemant. We are are still waiting for that to happen.

Look at the dress of Pn Jesse and Poh Lay.