Monday, August 2, 2010

Mathematicians Have No Sense Of Humor???


I just came back from a 3 day meeting with some mathematicians. And one of my friends came up with these:-
1. when we write maths questions, we always use the phrase '... such as...' and we tried to find similar phrase in Malay. We came up with '...oleh yang sedemikian...'. The Malay version is so mouthful.
2. I even learn some Malay words with him such as when to use 'adalah' and 'ialah' in the sentence. When use 'ialah' it must follow by nouns, and 'adalah' follows by others like adjectives and so on.
3. Greatest height='tinggi yang terbesar?'
4. If 'tambah=campur' then 'nasi tambah=nasi campur'. But 'nasi tambah' is different from 'tambah nasi', macam 'pisang goreng' and 'goreng pisang'.Now I feel a bit hungry when I mention pisang goreng. hahahaha..........

So read and think about these.