Thursday, January 28, 2010


The fourth week almost comes to its end. It is Thursday already. Tomorrow is Friday. ACS is having cross country event. My duty is to be the the 'pencatat', since I wanted to be outside the school compound, I exchanged with Ustazah Norsiah to be at the check point E.

It has been a week since I continue writing this post. A lot of things happened in the week.

It started on Friday, while I was standing by the road side guiding the students crossing the street in the cross country event, I got a phone call from my nephew telling me that my big brother is in the hospital in Terengganu. He was admitted for chest pain and he was being treated in the CCU(Coronary Care Unit). It seemed he was having trouble breathing and the doctor diagonised that he has one cloak and he has to go for further treatment.

Then on Saturday morning, I took the flight back to Trg. Since I couldn't visit him until 1 pm and I arrived about 10 am, my high school classmate (her name is Shakimah) fetched me from the airport. We had a small reunion at one of the 'warung' in KT. I purposely asked them to meet me since we haven't seen each other for quite sometime. I had 'nasi dagang' (Trg specialty) and really enjoyed myself. (Felt a bit guilty for enjoying myself too much since my bro is in the hospital).

About 12.30, another friend (Khatijah) sent me to the hospital(actually the hospital is about 5 minutes drive from the place we met). My sister in law was at the hospital and when I called her, she came down to take me to my brother's room. Since my bro is in CCU, 2 people only can visit him at a time. My mistake was, I stayed with my brother too long. When I left, the doctor told my sister in law that his heart beat was very fast. I was suppose to visit him a short while only. He was suppose to be transfer to a normal room, but because of me he was detained in CCU for one more day.

On Sunday, before I took the flight back to KL, I went to visit my bro one more time. He looked very sad since he was still in CCU. After I stayed with him for about 20 minutes, I said goodbye and went out from the room without looking back. I knew I will cry if I turned around look at him.

Then another brother sent me back to the airport. But before we got to the airport, he took me to buy some 'keropok lekor' and we went to the Pasar Cabang Tiga and bought some satar. My flight reached KL at about 5.30 pm. When I got home, my nephew called me and told me that my bro is being transfered to a normal ward already. Thank God.

The next day, my bro was being shifted to Hospital University Kubang Kerian for further treatment. They suppose to do endeogram to remove the cloak. But there was another complication since he was allergic to pennicilin. They tried another form of medication and I guessed it worked since they went through with the procedure. By thursday, my bro is back in his home alrady since the procedure was a success. When I called him he sounded much better. We plan to go bac to TRG to visit him during CNY holiday.

Now my brother is resting at home since he got 1 month medical leave.

Last week there was nothing interesting happened in school. But on Saturday, I and 4 other teachers had to attend the meeting in PPD. We were brief about how to implement extra curicular activities for form six. There might be some changes with our programmes, but they are not yet finalized. We have to have meetings first before we can decide on any changes.

Now I am back in school(Monday already). Nothing much happened today, except we had formal assembly and Puan Emilia launched the 'Sekolah Penyayang' project. U6G won the cleanest class competition for the month of January.

I am stopping now since my post as become so lenghty already. Until we meet next time, adios.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


It has been two weeks of the new school year 2010.
I am taking everything one day at a time. Many new things happened since the new school year started.

1. Now teachers have to use punch card to punch in and punch out. It is still under trial period and the worse thing is one day I forgot to punch out.

2. We(F6 teachers and students) started going back at 3.30 pm. Monday and Wednesday we stay back for extra curricular activities. And for Tuesday and Thursday we have to meet for Research and Development. Each teacher is assigned 5 or 6 students to assist with the research. They have to submit the proposal by Mac and carry on with the research and hand in the whole report by August. The truth is, as a teacher everything is still blur with me since I never did any research when I did my master. While assisting the students, I am also learning something new. I am taking this as a new challenge. Besides assisting the students, teachers also must do their ow research. I am still searching through the net to get some idea about how to do the research. (Maybe if I get something really good, then I can submit my proposal and continue with a PhD.............. wishful thinking----I should have done my PhD when I was younger, might be too late already).

3. Last week Davin reported as a substitute teacher in the school. 'Cher, last year I was your student, now I become your colleague', that was exactly what he said when he came t school.

4. The class went on as usual. I only have 8 period of teaching period(while Lower 6 still not yet here). Besides that I have been given some relief with lower form classes.

That's it for now. I will write more as the new things pop up.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday the 8th of Jan 2010

Today is the end of the first week of school already. Actually it is not the end since we, the teachers and some students still need to come tomorrow for the 'gotong royong'.
I will be handling the Upper Six Students and the 'gotong Royong' will be part of the community service.
Good news for my upper six students, they may keep their posts in the clubs or society from the previous year. For those who still don't have any club or society must enter the ones that organise by the form six administration.
So far, I am still coping with my new timetable. Next week we are going to start staying back for extra curicular activities and the 'Research and Developement' project. It is going to be a long day for all form six teachers. There will be a lot of new changes for us and I am still taking this one day at a time.

I am starting having fun teaching upper six classes since U6G has 13 students and U6C has 8 students only.

I am going to stop now. But 2 days ago Siro and Huan Wan came to school. Yesterday Andrian came to collect his certificates.

I am waiting to see the rest of you.

Oh, by the way I am no longer the SPM coordinator and no longer the Handball teacher advisor since they appoint me to be the PK KOKO for form six.

That's all for today.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Am Back

I have been neglecting my blog for so long already.
A lot of things happen since the last time I wrote something here.
Today is the second day of school already. Eveything is a bit havoc considering we have to form the new admin for form six. Even after I saw the principle and told her I didn't want any admin post, she still put me to be the senior assistance fo extra curicular activities. Well, I have no say in this and I have to accept the post with my 26 periods of teaching and 6 more periods of staying back for the extra activities. Now everyday we have to go back at 3.20 pm. I complained about this to one of my friends, and he advised me to take this as a challange. Well I am going to do it and I will give my best.

Now, back to the classes that I am teaching this year. I only have two classes upper six and I will be teaching onother 2 classes lower six, but it will be both Maths 1 and Maths 2.

I really miss my upper six 2009 students. I miss teaching you guys and I miss having fun with you. Live was simpler when you were here.

I will try to kep my blog up to date and I will let you know what is happening in school.
Bye for now.