Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It is 10.40 am. I was waiting for my class to start in 15 minutes.
Shamini: Teacher, can please come to our class? Kian Eng and Kwang Zhen are fighting.
Me: What happen?
Shamini: They were only teasing each other. Then suddenly they were fighting.. Can you come because they are afraid of you. I couldn't find Pn Hasimah(the class teacher).

I took my books and heading toward the class. I saw Kwang Zhen was running toward the boy's toilet. And Puan Hasimah was on the way to the class also. When we called him, he pointed to the class signalling us to go there. I asked Pn Hasimah to go first and I followed her later.

When I reached the class, I saw Pn Hasimah was holding a stick(from a broken broom) and asking Kian Eng what happen. Her voice was like interrogating Kian Eng. When I sat down, suddenly one of the girls from the front was holding the cake and everybody sang 'Happy birthday' song for Puan Hasimah and belated birthday for me.

We were speechless, but it was really a good suprise. If I had brough my handphone, surely I would post some picture here.
Thank you all. Really love you all. My heart is still pounding from the surprise.