Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why so Blue? 2nd version

Look at the sky during assembly on monday
The black cloud coming our way

The sky is getting darker

The cloud almost cover the sky(Look at the layer of the cloud)

The sky is totally dark(I think by that time the students can feel the drizzle)
Pity them, they still obediently sitting under the light rain

Many people consider Monday as the worst day of the week. After spending your weekend doing a million things, you already exhaust yourself. Then the workload waiting for you at your work place.
Things is getting worse if suddenly the person very close to you doesn't want to talk to you anymore. That person really make your monday very bleak. You wish you can turn back the clock and start everything all over again. You don't want to have that kind of monday because it is going to effect your week. You start to think what you did wrong with her. Maybe you are really in the wrong, but is it worth it to sacrifice like 10 years of friendship just because of something very little. Maybe the person thinks it is a big issue. At least try to talk about it. You don't want to have a sleepless nite over this.

I think this is really contagous, when I visited my Mayah, she was so sad. This is the first time she cried before I leave her. Alot of things happenned to her in the hostel. What happen to my strong Mayah?

She hardly cried before. Somebody really hurt her feeling. I don't know what to do. I consoled her, gave her advice and tried to make her feel better. I end up feeling as blue as her.

Today, things are not getting any better. The person still doesn't want to talk to you. Didn't even look at your face. Why suddenly 10 years of friendship turns into hatred just like that? You got to be so depress until you get yourself sick. Luckily your blood pressure doesn't go sky high.

I am going to stop now before I become more emo.
I hope I don't make you as bleak as me after reading my post.

Hope tomorrow will bring a little bit of sun shine.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why so Blue?

It happens to me today.
I have this feeling that everything is so unsettle.
I got angry too easily.
I feel like I am going to explode.
I also feel that many people failed me today or the way around
(Did I failed anybody today? I don't mean the test I gave the today.)
Is it because of the eclipse?
Or just because F6 teachers have to stay until 3.30?
I have to be positive.
Things happened must be for the reason.
Well, I am going to sleep on it tonite.
Pray that tomorrow I won't be so emo.
God, please give me strength....Amen

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kopi Susu Kurang Manis Tambah Gula......Like 2 in 1=3


Finally Gerkorama day is over. Sure, later you will here a lot of comments about the biggest event organised by the school in the decade. I was there from 7.30 am until 1.30pm. The night before the event, I persuaded Nazmi and Naqib to come with me. And I was suprise because Nadia decided to joint us. Well the more the merrier.

We watched concert first, but after a while we decided to go outside to get some food. We bought food and drink and sat on the bench at walkaway to have our breakfast. Naqib ate two boxes of pizza(seems to be his favourite food, can finish 4 slices if we bought a large one).

Then Naqib and Nazmi tried on horse back riding. Then I took them for the mini bike ride. After that they played in the kid 'play ground'(I don't what it is called).

Then Naqib wanted to go to the bathroom. Then we stayed to watch the concert for a while. We got to watch nasyid (Aiman and his friend, forgot his name) and a band show from our students(I guess).

Naqib wanted to go to the haunted house, but Zheng Yi told us it is already closed for a break and will open again at noon. He asked us to come again, but we didn't go back because I know the queue was too long.

Then we went outside again. The kids got to meet their 'brother' and took picture with him.

My kids(Nazmi, Kel, Nadia and Naqib)

We bought more drinks and I decided to have my hand painted with henna. I gave Nadia some money to take the kids for more games. The kids went to play paint ball shooting, then 'throw the ball to cans', follow by sand art. When I finished painting my hand with henna, I took them to play 'darts'.

We didn't win anything and we spent a lot of money. Finally the moment that we had been waiting for, Nadia went horse back riding( pity the horse). The kids went another round with the horses as well. Then we went back home. Puan Zakiah got a ride with us.

But when I chatted with Davin earlier today, he told me that the crowd came after 1.30pm. I guess everybody was waiting to see Bunkface.
If you ask my opinion,(nanti ada org kata, tak tanya pun...), I would say that the event attact quite a crowd considered very little and late promotion.

Today, I went shopping withNadia(actually we wanted to buy material to make baju kurung for Hari raya-puasa pun belum, tapi takut tailor tak terima).

Look at the picture below. What do you think? It looks like a beadspread(Kata nadia-kalau mak pakai baju dari kain ini dan mak baring atas tilam yang ada beadspread macam tu, mesti orang x nampak mak..lalaal.....)

It is actually kain viscose (quite expansive)

Look at this material. Namapak macam apa? Beadspread again ? or curtain

Nadia kata sesuai ngan dia buat baju, hehehe.....

Sesuai tak kalau saya pakai skirt macam ini?
Well, we had fun. Tak sangka kadang2 Nadia pun gila-gila jugak macam mak dia. Hehehe...

Friday, July 17, 2009


I know so many of you are looking forward to this event.
This is consider like the event of the year, may be the biggest event organized by ACS since I had been here(13 years already).
But why I feel very reluctant to attend.
I don't mind the money I already donated to the school.
It is because I am not directry involve.
To tell the truth I really feel being left out.
The only reason I'll attend the event because of my students.
I don't want to dissapoint them because I know they work really hard to make everything successfull.
Good luck everybody.
May everything goes smoothly.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kantin oh kantin

Fried rice from canteen

Some comments from the teachers about nasi goreng today bought by Anis

Anis: rasa macam hampas, mahal sangat ke garam? Esok nanti hantar sebungkus

Zu: X rasa garam langsung, ada cili aje

Mid: (after trying the fried rice, she throw it away) X de rasa

Jah: Tawar sangat

Mas: X de garam

Norsiah : X de garam dan nasi rasa lain

Zai : X de garam

Me and NSO: Did not taste the fried rice since we were fasting today

When someone called the canteen to ask for explanation, the man said the rice was fried by somebody in the morning.

The question is, did they tast the food first before they sell them?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Things We take for Granted

  1. Health
  2. Good fortune
  3. Friends
  4. Time
  5. Life
  6. Love

We are lucky that we are still alive. How is our life so far? Do we lead a good life, or is it just an okey life or is it just plain unlucky? Do one ever sit down and wonder why we are given this life? Why God created us on the earth. Is it just to watch us being miserable or else? Were we given choices when God created us? Did we ever wonder why we deserve such a life? When we look at someone better than us, do we wonder why we cannot be like them? What sins done by our ancesters to make God punish us with such a miserable life? Why I cannot be rich like the other guy? Why not many people like me? Why the other guy is more popular than me? Why I cannot be smart like him? Why I cannot get even one girl to like me? Why my parents not as rich as the guy next to me? Why I had been choosen to go to PLKN? Hahaha......Why I have to enter F6? Why I need to study? Why my dad doesn't love me like my friend's dad does? Why nobody wants to talk to me in the class? Why I get less mark than my friend? What did I do wrong that my parents don't love me? Why?Why?Why?Why???????????

Well, you can ask yourself millions of qustions. You dream on a lot of things. To be rich, to be good looking, smart, to have a nice car(maybe sporty), pretty girlfriend or boy friend, lots of friends, exel in ur study, enter good college and so on........ Dream on. Make sure your dream will not turn into nightmares. Do somehing about that. But How?

You will never get what you want if you just being a dreamer. You have to start somewhere. People make new resolution every new year. How many actually succeeding toward their goals? You don't need to wait until new year to actually make one. You can do it rightnow. You can start with something simple, like I want to wake up extra 10 minutes early everyday or today on my way to work, or to school, I want to greet people good morning, or I want to start my day with happy thoughts. There are many things you can do. You have to make yourself feel good first. Always think positive. Then you can work out on more serious goal.

If something bad happen in your life, don't give up. Life goes on. It is ok to feel sad, but don't let it ruins your life. Life is too short to waste on feeling sorry about yourself. Just think if you are having bad luck, there is someone somewhere in the world is having worse fate than you.

Learn to manage your time. It doesn't mean you have to make a nice timetable and must follow it like a bible. You must have priority. Do the task which is more urgent first. Never postpone what you can do now because you don't know whether you still got time to do it later.

Find friends that will be with you through your good or bad time. There are many people who want to laugh with you, but very few who want to cry with us. Remember that someone is there when you need a shoulder to cry too.

Don't be too proud with the wealth you have now. Things can disappear with the blink of an eye, like what happenned in Acheh(Tsunami) and many other places. Fill your head with knowledge, because nobody can take that away from you.

Remember that we are human. Human makes mistakes. So it is okey to make mistakes. Don't expect perfection from anybody. If you do that, you are expecting failure. And if you make mistakes, admit it and be ready to recieve any type of punisment. Act like a man. Don't try to find exuces or blame on others for something you do or not do. It is okey if you act like a small kid once in a while. Cry, if it will make you feel better. Crying won't make less a man of you. No need to think of excuses, be truthful. Find friends who will give good influence on you. Who will make you feel good about you. If you want your friendship to last, you have to accept the good and the bad of your friend. Just remember your friends are also human. Don't expect perfection from him also. In order for friendship to last, you must learn to forgive and forget. Don't expect people to accept you if you cannot accept them. 'If you cannot beat them, you join them'. Always think of the good side good your friend when they did something to annoy you.

What I wrote here came from my heart. Hope we can live a better life. Have a happy life. Don't give up hopes.

Remember no matter how bad your life looks at the moment, there is someone out there who loves you.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Accident (About 20m from my house)

The time was about 5.30 pm. I almost reached home, I saw Nadia's car park by the road side near my house. What came to my mind, she was still home, didn't go to campus since she got a six o'clock class. Suddenly a taxi came from around the corner and took a long turn. I braked my car and almost in stationary. And was hoping the taxi driver saw me and stop his car. I guessed he didn't see me and went straight toward my car. He knocked my front bumper on the driver side.

As I get out from my car, I asked for his IC and license but he refused to give me. He said I only show my documents to police. And he said said some more if I want to make a police report, just take the licence plate. I didn't speak to him in hashly manner or scolded him. I just asked him about the way he was driving. He claimed he was talking to the passenger at the back,I guess that's why he didn't see me coming. Then one of my neighbours came out and tried to deal with him. He still gave the same answer and refuse to cooperate. Claimed he couldn't afford to pay for the damages. My neighbour asked him to wait while he called the police, but he took off just like that.

I called my husband and told him what happenned. He said he was on the way home and will be home in 10 minutes.

After he looked at the damages, he said no need to do police report since we might be charged RM300 and the cost to repair might be about the same amount. I learned to deal with the incident. I try to think positive and don't want to get angry because it will spoil my day(or night). It already happenned, and I cannot turn back the clock.I guess my husband felt the same.

After thinking it over, I can accept with what happenned, but regret with the rudeness of the taxi driver.

He never apologised to me for knocking my car.

He said I was making a big deal for such minor incident

(Of course I love my car since I have it less than 8 months)

He refused to cooperate

He ran away just like that

He didn't want to take responsibility for his action

He was more concern about his passenger than discussing about the incident

He didn't look guilty at all

By the way, I took the phone number of the radio taxi and called that number. The lady who answered the phone was quite cooporative. When I told her what happenned and asked her for the driver's name, she just gave the name and the phone number of the taxi driver.

With my hand phone I managed to take several shots. Look at the pictures below. Anybody know the man?

The Taxi license plate

The Taxi Company

His name is Fazli, phone number is 0172933560

The dent on the front bumper

A closer look at the dent

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jumble Post

Friday(3rd July)
I was awestruck by the tree with so many beautiful flowers near the canteen and asked Zai and Kin to join me taking some pics. We asked Cui Teng to join us. At first she was the photographer, but we persuaded her to be in the pic as well. The flowers reminded me of cherry blossom in New York. Everytime the wind blew, the flowers kept falling down. It was really awesome.

We posed under the blooming tree and as u can see the ground was covered with fallen flowers.

Today(Sunday-5th July)-The day I let Nadia driving my car.
Look at the pic below. Can you see who is driving? Of course it is not me. It is my daughter, Nadia driving my Estima. What I felt? Mixed feelings. I know I trust her driving already(since she is over her 'P'). Look at her face, enjoying herself. Whe I asked her later what she felt? Biasa aje, she replied. But I got butterfly in my stomach all the way to Shah Alam Plaza from our house.

Car Show Room
In Shah Alam Plaza, they had a car show room. While Nadia was buying ice-cream(Baskin Robbin), I went to look at the cars. I even went and sat inside a Honda City. Attracted by the big boots, actually. This is the picture of the car interior. Another thing attracted me was the Audio system(even got usb port-can play music from I-pod).

Honda City interior

Mayah's School
As usual Mayah called me on Friday and 'ordered' so many things including what she wanted to have for lunch on Sunday when I visit her. She asked me to buy her Kenny Rogers chicken.
We watched her eat while we talked.We didn't eat since we had our lunch at home. She told us about her week, and we laugh alot. I don't remember how it started, but we made fun of A Samad Said beard. Here are some of the things we said about the beard:
the beard after doing technique rebonding
the beard after taking bath
the beard after eating soup
the beard after eating mee hailam
the beard when he tied like a ponny tail with a ribbon on it
the beard before and after he dye
We we like crazy people, came up with unexpected ideas, and I laughed with tears in my eyes.
Mayah, enjoying her food(I even helped her cut the chicken)
Don't they look cute(Do you think they are like twins, like mirror image)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Tagged bay Nadia

-Bie/Biah[called by my friend]

-mmak/mama[by my children]
-sayang [call by the special someone]



-New York
-Shah Alam, s'gor

-hindustan[feeling habis]
-sin chan

-Kenyir water fall
-New York City

-East Malaysia[never been there]

-Pizza[eating wif some 1 special]
-BBQ fish[cecah sambal air asam-yummy]
-Fried Kuay Tiow

-bowling tournment
-exam result[my student's result]

-fish[selalu bunuh diri]
-fish[bunuh diri lagi]
-x suka pets sebenarnya


-any body else
-Faizal Tahir
- x tahu
-Easy listening

-basket ball
-any game

-Teh O
-Teh O limau ice[dah lama x minum bcos of the coughing]

by Nadia

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am 26 today........V2

Some of the cakes I got for my b/day
From Nadia-Strawberry cheese cake, (after I ate half of the cake, only I remembered to take the picture)

This cake, we ordered in school 'Chocolate indulgence' it is soo good....... feel like I gain 2 kg today since the cake is also a 2 kg cake

This one bought by Nadia also for the whole family(Chocolate temptation......wow another tasty cake)

Notice '26th' written on the cake

The food that I prepared for dinner


Bolognose style

Laksa Johor