Saturday, May 29, 2010


Haven't been to the movies for a while.
Nadia persuaded me to go with her today. So 5 of us went too Sunway Pyramid since she wanted to see Shrek in 3D.

The funny thing is I got 'motion sick' with the animation. I had to take some panadols while watching. All the time I had to put my head on the head rest. But the movie was nice. A good lesson is learnt from that. You don't appreciate what you have until you loose it. I think it is worth it to pay RM20 for the movie.

Then after the movies, we went out and waited for Nadia from rest room. Naqib accidentally dropped his slipper 2 flights down. Luckily the slipper didn't get lost. Mayah went down to get it and off we went for lunch.

Our menu for today is Nasi Ayam at Chicken Rice Shop.

Then we headed home. I didn't feel like shopping around since My head was still spinning.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hello Again (April-May 2010)

I am still alive. Hahaha. Have been busy farming in FB than to write anything here.

All my kids are home now. At least for this weekend.

Just got home after picked up Mayah from SESERI.

I will have everybody home again next week for two weeks since school holidays will be here on the 5th of June.

4th Mac, Nazrin's birthday, followed by Along on 28th April, then my hubby on 2nd May and last but not least Nazmi's on 23rd May. Our wedding anniversary was on the 13th of April. I still remember got married during spring break on my 3rd year in university in New York. This time is our 26th anniversary. Can't believe we have been married that long. We went through many obstacles to get through here. Now bless with 5 kids, I consider my life is good. Naqib and Mayah's b/days will be the end of the year. But Naqib took the opportunity to blow the candles on almost other people's b/day.

Bought one cake only for Ayah and Along since their b/day so close.

School?Quite a lot of things happened in school. My upper six students just finished sitting for their mid year examination. I haven't finished marking my classes yet since there were so few of them. I will do it soon. The other forms are still sitting for the exam.
Lower six is finally here. At least the number of them increased compared to last year. Hopefully they will stay since I hate teaching small classes. I am teaching 2 classes lower six, Cergas and Azam. And this year I teach both paper 1 and paper 2. I have to prepare a bit for paper 2 since the last time I thought was in 2002. The syllabus doesn't change, but now everything must be thought in English.Sports day was fun. I considered it was one of the best in the last 14 years I am in ACS. I guess the house teachers went all the way with the march pass. Congrates to all teachers and students who took part in the sports day.Look at me taking picture with the queen of green houseTeachers taking part in teacher's event. Very funny scene.

Teacher's day?
We are celebrating it after the school Holiday. Why so late? Well I guess we can't slot in because of the exam.
Cupcakes made by my daughter for my friends for teacher's day. (thanks a lot Along)

These are some of the things happened in my life in the last 2 months. I will try to update my blog more often.

Thanks Alexis, Ren and the rest for visiting my blog. Thanks for your support.